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Casey Giron Insurance Agency Inc. is an independent insurance agency that provides honest, personalized services. Serving clients since 1990, we know that having trusted insurance experts is just as important as choosing the right insurance product.
Our committed, professional insurance agents will go the extra mile to help you find the best insurance cover fast.

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Medicare Advantage

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Medicare Advantage
Why do I need Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement or Long Term Care Insurance?

If you are on Medicare only, your out of pocket costs could be substantial. 


Are you searching for ways to protect your savings?


You want more options for care?

Hospital Stays

Do you have a condition that will require numerous hospital stays every year?

Medical Services

Will you be making frequent visits to your doctor in search of medical services?

Emergencies travel

Do you travel widely outside the US and want an insurance cover to cater for medical emergencies?

The truth is, 50% of people 65 and over will need long term care

Our Services

Medicare Advantage (Medicare Part C)

At Casey Giron Insurance Agency Inc., we offer exceptional Medicare Advantage Plans to help you get the care you deserve. We want you to turn 65 easy with the right health plan so you can enjoy a stress-free retirement.

How do I choose the right Medicare Advantage Plan?
To help you with this, our insurance agents will provide free consultations so they can understand your unique needs. Here are some of the issues we’ll consider when choosing the right Medicare Plan C:

Is Your Doctor In The Plan
Is Your Preferred Hospital In The Plan?
How much are the premiums?
Does the Medicare Advantage plan offer additional services like preventive care, dental or vision?

To schedule an appointment with one of our agents, give us a call today.

What do I need to get a Medicare Advantage Plan?

• Qualify for Medicare
• Have both Medicare A and B
• Free from any end-stage renal diseases
Our insurance agents will take time to explain the available plans and then, help you to choose the right plan.

Medicare Supplements

Are you searching for an insurance agency that offers dependable services and competitive rates for your Medicare supplements?

Casey Giron Insurance Agency offers a wide range of Medicare Supplement options. We want you to enjoy affordable premiums with top-quality coverage for your peace of mind and security.

Why Get Medicare Supplement Cover?

Final Expense

Final Expense

Your Final Expense is one of the most expensive costs your will incur. Call us today to discuss your plan.

Privilege of choosing your physician

Privilege of choosing your physician

As long as you are within the US,you get to choose your doctor as long as they accept Medicare. Also, you get to choose your ideal hospital as long as they accept Medicare.

Long Term Care Insurance

Being an independent insurance agency, Casey Giron Insurance Agency Inc. is focused on helping our clients save money and reduce risks. We want to protect your financial goals by matching you with the right Long Term Care Insurance.
When you come to us, we’ll take you through the available LTC covers and provide you with free no-obligation quotes. This way, you’ll be able to make informed choices that match you unique Long Term Care Insurance needs.

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